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American Culture The Vietnam War - 2157 Words

Gavin Kwok Wayne Reed ENC 1102 February 22, 2015 The Vietnam War On February 28th 1991 after the speedy 100-hour ground war against Iraqi troops, George W Bush proclaimed proudly: â€Å"By God, we’ve kicked the Vietnam Syndrome once and for all† The fall of Saigon had not marked the end of the Vietnam as Bush accurately conceded to the people, the repercussions of the war can still be seen today in American culture, it has sustained through the Vietnam veterans, as the basis for the support of anti-war precedencies, and morphed the gender stereotypes that are portrayed in society. The Vietnam War had denounced the idea of America’s invincibility and by the end of the war had lost the phenomenal reputation it had gathered after its triumph in World War II. America’s entanglement and debacle in the Vietnam War left an everlasting imprint on the heart of its people typically specified now as the â€Å"Vietnam Syndrome†. The denouncement of America’s invincibility had guided the people to face the Vietnam Syn drome through events such as the Maya Lin Vietnam Memorial and movies such as Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick and Coming Home by Hal Ashby. These examples addressed the problems of the Vietnam Veteran adjusting back into society. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and witnessing the harsh realities of war portrayed veterans as the outcasts of society in Ashby and Kubrick’s films. The stereotypes of Veterans during the war were druggies or â€Å"fucked up in the head†. ThisShow MoreRelatedVietnam War and American Culture1684 Words   |  7 Pages Vietnam Wars Impact on American Culture Donna Whittle DeVry University Introduction to Humanities I. Introduction and Thesis Statement In the 1960’s America went through many cultural changes. Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights activist, delivered his famous, â€Å"I have a dream† speech. African Americans were fighting for peace, freedom and equality. The United States was involved in the Vietnam War, committed to anti-communism. African Americans were deployedRead MoreImpact of Vietnam War on American Culture1421 Words   |  6 PagesThe Vietnam War began in the year 1954, after the ascension to power of Ho Chi Minh, who was a communist leader in North Vietnam. The leader was spreading communism, and because the United States wanted to stop the spread, it sent military troops to aid South Vietnamese to stop this vice. The war saw about 3million people die with the inclusion of 58,000 American soldiers. About 150,000 people were wounded during the war. In 1975, South Vietnamese government surrendered the war after the communistRead MoreImpact Of Vietnam War On American Culture1812 Words   |à ‚  8 Pages Impact of Vietnam War on American Culture The Vietnam War began in 1954 when Ho Chi Minh and his communist Viet Minh party came into power in North Vietnam. The Vietnam Conflict was one of the most costly and long conflict which was basically between the communist regime of North Vietnam its southern supporter and South Vietnam and its main supporter United States. There were more than 3 million people that were killed in this war, 58, 000 were the American Soldiers and Vietnamese civiliansRead MoreU.s. Vietnam War On American Culture, Politics, And Foreign Policy1060 Words   |  5 Pageshistory, the Vietnam War has left a deep and lasting impact on American culture, politics, and foreign policy. From 1964 to the present day, the Vietnam War redefined the scope of U.S. influence both at home and abroad, and caused a fundamental shift in American society that dramatically changed the way in which Americans viewed their government and the role of the United States as a world power. For an entire generation of Americans, who watched as the horrors of the war in Vietnam unfold beforeRead MoreBook Review of Backfire: a History of How American Culture Led Us Into Vietnam and Made Us Fight the Way We Did764 Words   |  4 PagesBackfire: A History of How American Culture Led Us into Vietnam and Made Us Fight the Way We Did, a book by Loren Baritz, describes the myths America takes into wars, the decisions that made the Vietnam War and the bureaucracy at war. Loren Baritz writes this book about the time period of 1945 to about 1975, which is post World War II to post Vietnam War. Loren Baritz describes how American culture influenced the way the American soldiers fought in Vietnam and how American culture influenced the way politicsRead MoreDiscrimination against Vietnamese Immigrants in America1554 Words   |  7 PagesStates, the Vietnam War sparked the immigration of Vietnamese to America. Vietnamese did not virtually exist in the United States until 1975 when the war forced Vietnamese to evacuate (Pov ell). The war began after Vietminh defeated France and split into North and South Vietnam (O’Connel). In 1956 communist Ho Chi Minh ruled the North Vietnam, and Bao Dai ruled the South, who the United States supported and backed up (O’Connel). The Vietnam War consisted of the North and South Vietnam, fighting againstRead MoreThe Vietnam War : We Can Not Understand War Without Understanding Culture1267 Words   |  6 PagesThe Vietnam War â€Å"We cannot understand war without understanding culture† â€Å"Involvement in two world wars and the Cold War transformed America into a â€Å"crusader state† convinced of the superiority of its institutions and way of life and intent on imposing them on the outside world. † Whether fought at home or abroad every war is to impact all parties involved. Such example of staggering influence on one country’s culture is no more evident then in America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Upon enteringRead MoreApush Vietnam War886 Words   |  4 PagesOne foreign affair was known as Vietnam. The Vietnam War was the longest war in the nation’s history. This war, from both abroad and at home, drastically changed the society of America, socially, economically, and politically. It caused for much anti-war sentiment and fueled the counter culture movement, it caused inflation and contributed to the stagflation, and brought down Johnson’s reputation and caused for several changes in legislation. While the Vietnam War raged on, other movements roseRead More Bao Ninhs Sorrow of War Essay1010 Words   |  5 PagesBao Ninhs Sorrow of War When we think of the Vietnam War, we think of all the hell and torture that American soldiers went through with little regard to the Vietnamese and the hardships they endured. Reading the Sorrow of War gave me a clear understanding of the Vietnamese people and the suffering that the war caused them. The Sorrow of War is unique and powerful in the sense that it is written by a Vietnam army veteran and gives the perspective of the war from a Vietnamese soldier. It is oneRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Miss Saigon Essay1310 Words   |  6 Pages17 year old war orphaned prostitute, Kim and a US GI Soldier, Chris who are torn apart during the fall of Saigon. Set in the Vietnam War these characters are constantly challenged while the city explodes with conflicting cultures matched with the horrors of war and the ever changing effects of the power of love. Chris meets Kim in the nightclub where she works and from that moment to two fall in love but however regardless of the fact that Chri s helps to get a Kim a visa out of Vietnam when the US

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An Effective Example Of Technical Communication - 980 Words

For the source, which is, a website for audience to learn new language. I think it is an effective example of technical communication. The target audience of this source is the people who wants to try to learn new language they never tried before. And this source is a user-friendly website. The content of this source is very academic, in this source, it uses proper pictures for audience to remember new words in the beginning, when the audience going to higher level, it shows some profession articles for audience to improve their abilities of reading. During the learning section, it has two options for audience, one is ‘basic 1’, which means start from the easiest level. The other one is ‘placement test’, which means you can take a placement test and the source will decide which level you are depends on your test scores. For this source which my partner choose, I have some same perspectives about the source’s features with my partners. Expectations of the source First of all, my partner and I are both consider this source provides accurate information to audience. As a learning website, it has a responsibilities to give audience correct knowledge which should not confuse audience while they are learning. According to it provides 27 languages around the world, it must have a very professional group to work on each language to make sure less mistake. Secondly, the audience can play games to improve their memories of the new language. When the audience give aShow MoreRelatedHow to Overcome Barriers in Communication722 Words   |  3 Pagesdiscuss and resolve the possible barriers in effective communication. It will include different ways in which to overcome the threats that pursue an important discussion, debate or conversation. This report can be useful for people writing reports on effective communication in and around their business or company. Potential Barrier in communication (Cultural Differences) Cultural differences can cause many problems in an effective discussion, for example: If two people are trying to have a discussionRead MoreDescribe the Three Management Skills as Mentioned by Robert Katz678 Words   |  3 PagesThe three management skills that mentioned by Robert Katz are conceptual, interpersonal and technical skills. In order to be a successful manager, containing these three skills will give him a strong impact to his career and also the success of the organization. Conceptual skills are skills that utilize the ability of a human to form concepts. Such skills include thinking creatively, formulating abstractions, analyzing complex situations, and solving problems. A manager have such ability can understandRead MoreThe Importance Of Technical Communication993 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is Technical Communications? Technical communication is how information is exchanged to help people interact with technology in order to solve complex problems. This kind of communication is important because to properly use and understand technology, the information needs to be portrayed accurately and in an easy to use manner. Technical communication can be used to explain the benefits and risks of a specific medical task or to show someone how to build something, just to name a few. In anyRead MoreThe Importance Of A Socio Technical System1403 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The purpose of this article is to emphasize the importance of a socio-technical system (STS) to the overall growth of the organization. In this case an examination of the ALCAN organization. This company is a global enterprise which has over 68,000 employees, and operating facilities in 61 countries. The organization take in over 23 billion US dollars in 2006 from its four major business groups (Primary Metal, Engineered Products, Packaging and Bauxite Alumina-Dube, Bernier, Read MoreProject Management Life Cycle1720 Words   |  7 Pagesadaptable for all types of projects and for all types of system developers and product groups. Additionally, different system development techniques will sometimes require different sets of rules for managing the resulting development activities. For example, a standalone- PC application product requires less detailed management control than a workstation product integrating other applications and running in a large networked environment. It is important to note that the PMLC and Product Development LifeRead MoreCustomer Experience At The Local Branches952 Words   |  4 Pagesupdating customers banking statement. For example, local business payroll account can be stored and processed via electronically since most transactions is done electronically or manual cash deposits. The data warehouse that located in the main branch can process more efficiently if a highly experienced data processor is used to alleviate the database of data communication processes. Using a secure carrier network is the best method for good communication, while processing data between servers andRead MoreThe Effects of Noise on a Communication System1494 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication is the process of sharing ideas, information and messages with others in a particular time and place. It includes writing and talking, as well as nonverbal communication (such as facial expressions, body language, or gestures), visual communication (the use of i mages or pictures, such as paintings, photography, video, or film), and electronic communication (telephone calls, electronic mail, digital television, or satellite broadcasts). Communication is a vital part of personal lifeRead MoreEfficiency and Effectiveness in Management1544 Words   |  7 Pagesplays an essential role in achieving the required outcomes. The manager must hold a set of managerial skills to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise using the available resources but also on an individual level by being an effective manager. General management includes planning, organising, executing and controlling the operations of an active enterprise. 2. Efficiency Effectiveness In everyday life, effectiveness and efficiency can be considered to be very similar termsRead MoreDelivering Business Value with IT at Hefty Hardware1000 Words   |  4 Pages Delivering Business Value with IT at Hefty Hardware The case study of Hefty Hardware shows a typical lack of inter-department communication, among company main business units and the IT department. Managers and stakeholders are unable to estimate the value that IT department brings to company business, and tend to neglect or debase it; the IT team, on the other hand, fails to communicate their milestones, technological difficulties and incompatibilities when implementing new projects and otherRead MoreThe Project Goal And Project Related Stakeholders Influence1476 Words   |  6 Pages(1998) Technical expertise Project manager use various methodology to make the project success. They are responsible for managing, planning, budgeting and dividing task for the project member, beside these technical expertise is also one of the important skill of a project manager (Gillard, 2009). According to this author when project team are combine to run a project, most of the time management give priority to the manager who are good in the technical expertise. A primary example is project

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Revenge is bittersweet- the count of monte cristo Free Essays

Edmond pleads that he is innocent, Violent does not grant him any sympathy and sends him to prison. For thirteen years Edmond gets whipped and beaten up for being accused of a crime that he did not commit. While he is captive he meets a priest, Babe Farina. We will write a custom essay sample on Revenge is bittersweet- the count of monte cristo or any similar topic only for you Order Now Farina teaches Dante to defend himself, however the final lesson he teaches Dante is, ‘Do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence. ‘Farina is saying that Dante should not commit a crime as he would have to serve a sentence, which in this case he meant hat Dante should feel guilty if he commits a crime as he is being as bad as the person who harmed and disrespected him. As soon as Edmond Dante escapes the prison all he longing is to get revenge on Violent for sending him to prison. Dante disguises himself as the Count of Monte Crisis with the help of his friend Jackpot. Dante providentially plans and plots avenge on Violent so that he can suffer like how he did. â€Å"They should suffer like how I did,†as Dante quotes throughout the film. After devising a few of tricks Dante ambushes Violent and gets him arrested. Violent feels convicted once he has been seized and remorse incarcerating Dante. Ultimately, Dante is penitent for Violent as another soul is in agony. Regarding Bernard Monde, Dante is hysterical about Monde as he has appropriated and betrayed Dante. Monde who was once Dante dear friend took away his beloved fiance. As a consequence Dante complicity revenge on Monde. He transacts this by costively taking away everything that Monde has. Initially, Montages fortune, wealth and eventually his wife Mercedes. Dante begins taking Montages fortune s that is all that he really has. Once all of Montages funds have been withdrawn he begins a to collapse. Eventually, Dante gets Mercedes and all of Montages riches. As Monde states, † Now you’ve taken Mercedes,† which frustrates him. Although Dante has Mercedes and fortune it is still not enough, he wants Monde to pay, therefore they fight to the death. Dante takes a man’s life for the first time, Montages. Despite that Dante got his vengeance he now lives the blood stains of another man’s life on the palm of his hands. This emotion of remorse and contrition ill always remain with Dante as what has once been done cannot be undone. Dante learns from this that he should have listened the final lesson the priest told him â€Å", Do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence. † Dante says, â€Å"All that was used for vengeance will now be used for good,† in the consequence, intimating that he will not have vengeance over anyone but use what he did for good now. Dante has his mind focused on vengeance that he loses what is important, Mercedes. Dante is concentrated on getting revenge on Violent and Monde that he avoids who was once his fiance. Luckily for Dante Mercedes remembered him, even in his disguise as The Count of Monte Crisis. Mercedes tries to reason with Dante, however Dante says to Mercedes, â€Å"If you ever loved me, don’t rob me of my hate. It’s all I have. â€Å"Dante constantly pushes away Mercedes whom is he who once loved dearly. Eventually, Dante begins to focus on Mercedes than revenge, unfortunately it is too late. Monde battles Dante to the death. Mercedes loses the man who was once her husband even though she gets the love of her life back. Although Mercedes and Dante are back together now nothing ever be like how it once was and Dante will have to live with guilt of choosing vengeance over Mercedes. Consequently, revenge does not provide or do any good. Instead, Dante learns and has to live with remorse and guilt of murdering Monde. Although he gets Mercedes back, Mercedes will always remember everything that Dante did. How he pushed away her, how he would rather get vengeance than be with her. Vengeance never did any good, it Just created remorse and guilt to the beholder of it. As for what happens, the murder of Monde, it can never be undone. As for the feeling of guilt it will always remain. How to cite Revenge is bittersweet- the count of monte cristo, Papers

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William Shakespeares Life Essay Example For Students

William Shakespeares Life Essay William Shakespeare was a supreme English poet and playwright, universally recognized as the greatest of all the dramatists. A complete, authoritative account of Shakespeare’s life is lacking; much supposition surrounds relatively few facts. His day of birth is traditionally held on April 23, and he was baptized on April 24, 1564. He was the third of eight children, and was the eldest son of John Shakespeare. He was probably educated in a local grammar school. As the eldest son, Shakespeare would of taken over his father’s business, but according to one account, he became a butcher because of reverses in his ather’s financial situation. According to another account, he became a school master. That Shakespeare was allowed considerable leisure time in his youth is suggested by the fact that his plays show more knowledge of hunting and hawking than do those of other dramatists. In 1582, he married Anne Hathaway. He is supposed to have left Stratford after he was caught poaching in a deer park. Shakespeare apparently arrived in London about 1588 and by 1592 had attained success as a playwright. The publication of Venus and Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece and of his Sonnets established his reputation as a poet in he Renaissance manner. Shakespeare’s modern reputation is based mainly on the 38 plays he wrote, modified, or collaborated on. Shakespeare’s professional life in London was marked by a number of financially advantageous arrangements that permitted him to share in the profits of his acting company, the Chamberlain’s Men, and its two theaters, the Globe and the Blackfriars. His plays were given special presentation at the courts of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. After about 1608, Shakespeare’s dramatic production lessened and he spent more time in Stratford. There he established a family in and imposing house, the New Place, and became a leading local citizen. He died on April 23, 1616, and was buried in the Stratford church. Although the precise date of many of Shakespeare’s plays is in doubt, his dramatic career is divided into four periods: (1) the period up to 1594, (2) the years from 1594 to 1600, (3) the years from 1600 to 1608, (4) the period after 1608. In all periods, the plots of his plays were frequently drawn from chronicles, histories, or earlier fiction. Shakespeare’s first period was one of experimentation. His early plays are characterized to a degree of superficial construction and verse. Some of the plays from the first period my be no more than retouchings of earlier works by others. Four plays dramatizing the English civil strife of the 15th century are possibly Shakespeare’s earliest dramatic works. These plays, Henry VI, Parts I, II, III, and Richard III, deal with the evil results of weak leadership. Shakespeare’s comedies of the first period represent a wide range. The Comedy of Errors depends on its appeal on the mistakes in identity between two sets of twins involved in romance and war. The Taming of the Shrew, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Love’s Labour’s Lost are all comedies and satires. Next, Shakespeare’s second period includes his most important plays about English history. The second period historical plays include Richard II, Henry IV, Parts I and II, and Henry V. These plays deal with English kings who lose their power to their successors. Outstanding among the comedies of the second period is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is fantasy filled and is achieved by the interweaving of several plots involving two pairs noble lovers, a group of bumbling townspeople, and members of the fantasy realm. Another comedy is The Merchant of Venice which is haracterized by friendship and romantic love. .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf , .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .postImageUrl , .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf , .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf:hover , .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf:visited , .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf:active { border:0!important; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf:active , .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ucb4a8040d7192bc401e0ee50efc03aaf:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Purpose of Life EssayThe witty comedy Much Ado About Nothing is marred by an insensitive treatment of its main character. Shakespeare’s most mature comedies, As You Like It, and Twelfth Night, are characterized by a hilarious and kindly charm that depends upon the attraction of lovely heroines. The Merry Wives of Windsor is a comedy about middle-class life which contains a comic victim of the middle-class. One of the two tragedies of this period is Romeo and Juliet. It is famous for its poetic treatment of youthful love, and dramatizes the fate of two overs victimized by feuds of their elders. The other, Julius Caesar, is a serious tragedy of political rivalries. Shakespeare’s third period includes his greatest tragedy and his dark or bitter comedies. The tragedies of this period are the most profound of his works. Hamlet goes far beyond other tragedies of revenge in picturing the mingled sordidness and glory of the human condition. Othello the growth of unjustified jealously in the protagonist. King Lear deals with the consequences of the irresponsibility and misjudgment of an early ruler of Britain and his councillor. The tragic outcome is the result of their iving power to their evil offspring rather that their good offspring. Antony and Cleopatra with a different type of love, namely, the middle-aged passion of the Roman general Mark Antony for the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. In Macbeth, Shakespeare depicts the tragedy of a basically good man, who led on by others, succumbs to ambition. In getting and retaining the Scottish throne, Macbeth dulls his humanity to the point where he becomes capable of committing any enormity. Three other plays of this period suggest a bitterness lacking in these tragedies because the protagonists do ot seem to possess greatness or tragic stature. In Troilus and Cressida The gulf between the ideal and the real, both individually and politically, is evoked. In Coriolanus, the Roman hero is portrayed as unable to bring himself either to woo the Roman masses or to crush them by force. Timon of Athens is a similarly bitter play about a character reduced to nothing by ingratification. The two comedies of this period are also dark in mood. Of these, All’s Well That Ends Well is less significant that Measure for Measure which suggests a picture f morality in Christian terms. Finally, the fourth period of Shakespeare’s work comprises his principles tragedies. Toward the end of his career, Shakespeare created several plays suggestive of a mood of final resignation in the human lot. These plays differ greatly than his other comedies, but ending happily with a reunion or final reconciliation. The romantic tragicomedy Pericles, Prince of Tyre concerns the character’s painful loss of his wife and the persecution of his daughter. After many adventures, Pericles is reunited with his loved ones. In Cymbeline and The Winter’s Tale, domestic omplication are resolved by restoring loved ones. The most successful product of his creativity is his last complete play, The Tempest, in which the resolution suggests the beneficial effects of the union of wisdom and power. Two final plays include a historical drama, Henry VIII, and The Two Noble Kinsmen, a story of two noble friends for one woman. Hence, from a poor family, Shakespeare emerged as a great playwright. The odds were against him, but he rose to the occasion and wrote over 38 plays which made him famous throughout the world. He is still considered to be the best playwright that ever lived.

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Trobriand Island Culture- Cricket Essays - Short Form Cricket

Trobriand Island Culture- Cricket T r o b r i a n d I s l a n d C r i c k e t Moiz Bhinderwala Westford, MA A. In one paragraph, describe the subjects of the documentary. Tell who they are, where they live and why the film was made. The subjects of this documentary ?Trobriand Cricket- An Ingenious Response to Colonialism', are these interesting people, natives of the Trobriand islands, which is located off the coast of Papua-New Guinea. The trobrianders are a tribe who are driven by a culture where magic holds a significant role. Before the arrival of the European missionaries magic was widely used in inter-tribal warfare. The British missionaries who arrived in the Trobriands around the late 19th century found the ritualized warfare of the Trobrianders ?barbarous? and immediately forbade it. Coincidentally, they introduced the game of cricket to the Islanders as a substitute for the conflict between two local groups, and to encourage morality. This game, which was introduced in its original form in the early 20th century, has changed quite a lot to fit into the culture of the Trobriand people. This film was made to highlight the Trobriand Cricket as a great example of Acculturation - how one part of a culture is transmitted through contact between groups with different cultures, in this case the contact of the British missionaries with the people of the Trobriand Islands. It depicts how the game of cricket has undergone a remarkable cultural transformation, among the people of Trobriand islands. Mixture of Good and Evil: The values important to this culture show that the Trobrianders believe in both the goodness and evilness of human nature. As an example for their belief in goodness, we can use the fact that the elder people are revered in this society. They may not play the game, but they are in charge of jobs like keeping in pace with the score-keeper of the game, counting off the number of batsmen left, and so on. Another example is the gifts of prestige food that these people exchange in the ceremony after the game. One more amazing aspect that their game has developed is the fact that the victory of the hosting team is understood in advance, it is predecided. So according to our definitions, the game of cricket that these people play is not a sport. This is done in order to pay respect to the organizers of the game, especially the center man. This points out their belief in the goodness of human nature. Similarly, their belief that Man also has evil in him, is evident when the game is abandoned and the narrator tells us that there is a certain air of suspicion among the players, that the opponents from the sponsoring political movement may have brought on rain with counter-magic to purposely stop the game. Man in harmony with Nature: The Trobrianders live in harmony with the nature that surrounds them, and this is evident in their sense of dressing, decoration, their tools. They use palm fronds to count the score of a game, or to count the number of baskets of yam, when they are farming. The bats, balls and stumps they use are carved out of light and hard wood. The clothes they wear, especially the traditional pubic covering that is expected of cricket players, which is made from the skin of a beetlenut tree. They use natural products as part of their everyday lives. The fact that man should in every way live in complete harmony with nature, is synthesized in their set of values. Present Oriented: Although we can witness all the 3 different kinds of time-orientations, the present is valued a lot more than the past or the future. The Trobriand people do yam farming, but at the same time, during the harvest period they invest their time for the game of cricket. They prefer living in the present. They do not worry too much about future, nor do they base their values upon what has happened in the past. As the narrator says, the game of cricket is still evolving in Trobriand, it shows that the people are open to changes in the game, and not

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Reaction paper of Departures Essay Example

Reaction paper of Departures Essay Example Reaction paper of Departures Essay Reaction paper of Departures Essay Death-maybe It was one thing or maybe it was another. But still, it all falls down to one man (or one woman) lying, waiting to affably having themselves burled while their loved ones mourn, grieve, or even dramatically act as though thieve affected as the eulogy or the final blessing is delivered. But that one depends on culture, and maybe the background of the deceased. But still the celebration of someone who passed away is considered celestial birthday party. Death is celebrated as though it was birth. Thus, preparation is needed and is accordingly applied. The discussion about the movie Departures about the preparation of the deceased would be elaborated through this, or my, reaction paper. The movie Departures, embraces the cultural value of Japanese society In accordance about their dead. Departures was very insightful into its depiction of the many facets of life and death. Although this film about a man who lost his Job being a cello player in orchestral group and ended up with the practice of preparing the dead, it is more focused on showing the unique burial process in Japans culture. The protagonist named Adagio had an argument tit his friend and his wife In the choice of his new job. I understood why his friend, along with his wife had doubt about his work, because, personally, I also agree that It is very unusual to work with the deceased especially help them in preparation for their travel. But still he stood in his ground and pursued his new Job, never forgetting his love and passion for cello playing. When he is depressed after his wife left him, he made as his emotional outlet leading him to survive each passing day with the strength to work harder and move forward, Before I watched this movie, I had no Idea hat the bodies were prepared directly In front of the family; kind of creepy In my opinion. This movie is quite lively despite Its focus upon death. It Is a highly enjoyable movie, you can learn a lot of moral lessons, like, always be prepared as to what will happen and enjoy every second with your loved ones before they are gone. This movie has taught as, personally, not to wait for any person to pass before actually treasuring and realizing how important they are to us. It had a remarkable storyline that showed the uniqueness of Japans culture. In the movie, I saw rituals hat are only followed by few, yet are greatly valued since It represents the sendoff of a person that was once living and breathing with us. After watching this film, I felt that I respected for those people who are involved in funeral processes, more than before. It is a job that is often times looked upon as dull, depressing and pessimistic. However, this film also portrays this profession in a positive light that allows us to respect the traditional funeral process that remains existent because of the effort these people. Distaffs mall Job can be called insufficient, the movie depicted the exact meaning of the term: ritual of preparing the deceased conducted In front of grieving family members. This complex process involves an almost radicalized washing, meticulous grooming and careful disrobing and clothing, once more, of the deceased. All this done while exposing a little or no skin to preserve the dignity of the dead. The disposition or conclusion of this movie is my favorite, when Mike, Adagios wife, returned after a few months with the news that she was pregnant, hoping her unsound would change Into another Jon. But, seen was addle to accept near anacondas reversion when she handedly witnessed the Job Adagio had. She stood, an inspector of her husband as he groomed a family friend and an owner of the bath house. It also dishearten me because the owner celebrated her last Christmas Just with a friend and not with her family. At the same time it made me angry with her son that always forced her to sell the bath house so that he can build a condominium on the spot. When his mother died he repented and said sorry to his mother, but it was already too late, cannot hear her forgiveness. But the most touching part was when Adagio saw his father for the last time. He remembered the forgotten face of his man, because he was still young when his father ran away with their waitress. He Just kept it himself how angry he was to his father. His mother was the only one who worked hard to raise him. But when he saw him again, he gained back his love for his father, especially when he notice the stone that the man were kept on his hands. The stone symbolizes their promises to each other but not granted, due to the reason his father ran away with another girl. Adagio, when he still young, he gave a small white stone and symbolizes how pure and loved his father He was the one who prepared his ether for his departure and forgave him for what he had done in the past. I really like this film. The plot was plausible and the theme was unique but appealing. It is a kind of film that depicts culture, life and also death. Acceptance, grieving and moving on. It also deliver the importance of time and relevance. That part of human ignorance and arrogance that we should avoid in order to neglect regret and to live life happily, contented and peacefully before death actually slaps us in face and gives of how we are more unfair than reality. Thus, I conclude that this film is actually a film worth watching and learning from.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Statutory and Case Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Statutory and Case Law - Essay Example The word statute typically refers to a law, e.g., The Patriot Act, passed by a state legislature or the U.S. Congress that commands, prohibits, or declares something. It is sometimes called legislation. State and federal court cases often involve statutory interpretation, and enactment of a statute may well reverse an established case law precedent. Nevertheless, it is easy to overlook the importance of statutes in law school because most law school discussions focus on case law. The tools and techniques used to research statutes are similar to those used to research federal and state constitutions, treaties, administrative rules, executive orders, uniform laws, local charters and ordinances, and court rules. Statutory research may thus mean finding and analyzing any of these documents. All statutes are the product of congressional hearings thus the process is explained herewith. Congress consists of 535 men and women (100 Senators and 435 Representatives), each performing a delicate balancing act between the needs and demands of their constituents, their political parties, their contributors, their staffs, the Administration, and even each other. These often conflicting demands can simultaneously pull members of Congress in dozens of different directions on any one issue. It is against this backdrop that legislative process, or the passage of a bill into law, occurs in the two Chambers of Congress. These laws are called statutes. Congress is collegial, not hierarchical, and power and influence in administration decision making tend to flow in all directions. Although the How a Bill Becomes Law chart is useful in understanding the general legislative process, it is not a defined roadmap. Since no two bills ever follow exactly the same path to enactment, you always have to rethink the chart with every bill you research, keeping in mind the parliamentary and political maneuvering that can occur anywhere in the process. The life of each Congress is two years and each Congress has been numbered since the first Congress in 1789. The 104th Congress, for example, convened in January 1995 and ran until October 1996; the 105th Congress began in January 1997. Since World War II, the two-year Congress has been divided into two sessions (first and second), each lasting one year. Prior to the 77th Congress (1941-42), there occasionally were three or four session Congresses; some of these sessions were for a very short duration, sometimes lasting only a month or less. The numbering of Congressional publications is sequential within each publication type, beginning with the number "1" in every Congress. This means that each Congress will have a bill numbered H.R. 1, thus knowing the number of the Congress is important. Bills not acted upon when the two-year Congress adjourns sine die are considered to have expired. To be considered in the next Congress, these bills must be reintroduced and numbered in the new Congress' sequential order of bills. Hence, H.R. 1 from the 104th Congress can be very different from a bill numbered H.R. 1 from the 100th Congress. Knowing the Congress number is imperative for identifying the proper H.R. 1. The following describes the process by which statutes are created: Bill or Measure General legislation is designated by "H.R." in the House of Representatives and "S." in the Senate. Public bills deal